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  • Kelly Johnson

When death is a graduation.

Death has become an event commonly feared by most people in our modern civilization. In general, we, as a society have lost the ability to see death as a beautiful graduation of life that absolutely none of us is immune to. With general lack of knowledge in death support, we often unknowingly bypass the opportunity to truly embrace and celebrate the life of those who are now graduating.

When we merely endure these monumental events, this results in unattended fears, regrets, buried emotions, and often, not even a full understanding of what our loved one really wants for their last wishes. Many times, we try so hard to be as present as possible, endlessly trying to “help”, but what we are really doing is robbing our loved one of the last remnants of dignity they have in their last days, weeks, months. Furthermore, this approach can leave the survivors of loss with the inability to fully live out the remainder of their lives.

End-of-Life Doula’s are skilled in navigating these difficult times with you and your family. We bring advocacy to support and maintain a sense of dignity for your dying loved ones wishes. We help bring comfort and peace to all through a variety of tools and modalities, and hold non-judgement space, while creating a comfortable space for death-laboring and transition out of this earthly body.

Written by Kelly Johnson End-of-Life Doula

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