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About End-of-Life Doulas Idaho

Our Organization

End-of-Life Doulas of Idaho was formed to meet the community's need for easy access to comprehensive deathcare support. Our Doulas provide non-medical support, companionship, guidance, education and comfort to people with a terminal illness and their family. End-of-Life Doulas create the space for their clients to have necessary conversations and receive  accommodations that increase spiritual and emotional well-being at the end of their life.

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer service to our entire community regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, economic status, religion, or ideology. We believe that everyone who wants support in their dying time should have it. We believe that our Doulas are most effective when they are able to thrive in their own unique areas of interest and expertise. The health of our organization depends on the diversity of our group. We need many different voices contributing to the enthusiasm and reverence of our deathcare.

 As End-of-Life Doulas, we acknowledge the complex stigma and taboo that exists as part of the conversation around death. We aim to walk along side our clients without agendas or expectations, in an effort to simply support them where they have need.  We believe that a well informed and supported client is able to face mortality with a greater sense of peace. We strive to provide our community easy access to information and resources around death, dying, final disposition, legacy projects and grief.

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Support Offered

Funeral Planning 

Assisting with advanced care directives, obituaries, funeral planning and ritual services.

Support of Loved Ones

Provide assistance to friends, family and care staff with physical and practical support.

Honest Discussion

Explore the meaning of life while speaking honestly about the end of life process.

Grief Support

Grieving is an individual experience with no right or wrongs. Doulas can help navigate loss of any kind.

Final Moments

Sitting vigil with a person in their final moments providing practical and spiritual support.

Legacy Work

Create a tangible piece of work that uniquely commemorates a loved one's life.

End of Life Education

Explaining the signs and symptoms of the dying process while creating informed choice.

Vigil Planning 

Developing a unique plan for how the dying space looks, feels, sounds, and smells. 

Eco-Conscious Death

Offer education on eco conscious death practices and home funerals.

Our Values

Individual Dignity

We strive to provide personalized care that respects the wishes, values and cultural beliefs of our clients. The dying person will inevitably experience a loss of control during their dying time. Doulas exist to help maintain the dignity and autonomy of the dying person, especially when they can no longer advocate for themselves. This ensures our clients unique needs and desires are both heard and respected.

Compassion and Empathy

Regardless of how hesitant or accepting of mortality our clients are, we meet them at one of the most vulnerable times in their lives. In order to be an effective support, Doulas put aside their personal expectations and listen to the needs of their clients with compassion and empathy. Our role is to provide practical and emotional support, comfort and companionship to all individuals and families during their end of life journey. 

Holistic Well-Being

Holistic care takes into account the physical ,mental, emotional, social and spiritual well being of our clients. Doulas work to create a safe space for open conversations about fears, hopes, and wishes, while also offering practical resources. Even those who are looking to work with a Doula in limited or specific way can attest to the fact that support in a single area of self effects the person as a whole. 

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