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Hello, I'm Amy

It is an honor to assist others in uncovering layers of meaning often hidden within our experiences. Through gently pulling those layers back, we reveal the story of who we truly are and the treasures contained in our life stories. There is healing and freedom to be found if we are willing to look at our life’s experiences--holding space equally for whatever is revealed. To release what we are able and with grace accept what we can. All we need is the intention to explore, a willingness to alter our perception, and the openness to honor what we discover. We are all truly connected. Together, we can uncover and write your healing story.


  • End-Of-Life Doula training program with INELDA

  • Home Funeral and Green Burial training with UU church

  • BA Psychology and Religion, College of Idaho—Emphasis on unconscious exploration and personal mythology

  • USPRA-Psychosocial Rehabilitation—working to improve the lives of people with mental illness through teaching emotional, cognitive, and social skills to live independently.

  • Interfaith dialogue—bridging and uniting diverse religious traditions while honoring their unique voices and contributions to and within community.

  • Jungian Dream analysis and various modalities of personal symbol identification—tarot, astronomy/astrology, animal totems, personal symbols and mythology.

  • Biodynamic Agriculture—a form of regenerative agriculture which focuses on soil health, intentionality and the interconnectedness of spirit and matter.


  • Eco-Conscious Death planning

  • Legacy

  • Vigil

  • Ceremony and Ritual

  • Funeral Planning


Healing Modalities:

  • Meditation 

  • Guided Imagery

  • Active Listening

  • Conscious Conversation

  • Unconscious self exploration (dreams, symbol, personal mythology)

  • Ceremony and Ritual

  • Tuning Forks

  • Reiki

My Rates

Hourly Charge: 
$50.00 USD - $100.00 USD

Sliding scale available for those with restricted or limited income


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