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Hello, I'm Tara

My goal as an end of life doula is to walk beside those who are preparing to disrobe from their human body, to give them options and and a sense of control over the process so that they may journey bravely through their last months, days or moments in their own unique way.


One of the greatest possibilities one has at the end of one's life journey is the opportunity to tie up the loose threads of meaning that have weaved their colors through the tapestry of one’s human experience, to behold a vibrant, meaningful, all-inclusive snapshot of one's earthly existence to lovingly carry with them as they exit the great stage of physical life.  Helping others achieve this is one of my highest ideals.  I do this through deep conversation, guided imagery, transcendental forgiveness, music (including bedside crystal singing bowls) and radical acceptance of what is.

I understand that there are often multiple individuals involved in the dying process and realize the importance of including family and loved ones in this sacred passage.

My Rates

Hourly Charge: 
$50.00 USD - $100.00 USD

Sliding scale available for those with restricted or limited income

Contact Me Here: 

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