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Hello, I'm Aodhàn

Aodhàn has a background in over 15 years of Taxidermy and a Doctorate in Ancient Theology. His passion for life comes from his Native American and Scottish Ancestry. He is a student of The Gaelic language and has been making traditional Native American art since he was 9. His charisma and unique bi-cultural background brings a unique perspective of tribal creativity to his vigil and legacy work. 

From using traditional end of life songs, to ceremonially painting bodies he excels in creative expression when it comes to life's final transition.
For those left behind he will find an artistic outlet to help process grief. If your idea of end of life care is feels black and white, he will bring you a rainbow of color and culture.

My Rates

Hourly Charge: 
$50.00 USD - $100.00 USD

Sliding scale available for those with restricted or limited income


Contact Me Here: 

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