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Hello, I'm Alex

Alex is a Psychic, Reiki Master and Death Doula. She believes that death and grief are meant to change you and you deserve support through that transition. When the physical body no longer holds your loved one, we must create new containers to hold their memory and the love we shared with them.

Alex completed a Death Doula certificate program with INELDA in 2023 and The DeathWives in 2022. She works with the terminally ill, families of the dying and the bereaved. She helps the general public manage their death anxiety through preplanning and processing fear or anxiety around mortality. She also trains and supports families who wish to be the last person to care for their loved one after death, through home funeral practices and post-mortem body care. Because Death Work has such a wide scope of practice, her services are fully customizable to meet the unique needs of her clients.

What could be possible if we stopped viewing conversations around death as something to avoid out of fear and started embracing the truth that death is simply another part of life?

My Rates

$30-$50 / Hour

Grief and Legacy Work: 
(dependent on project supplies)

Private Training: 

Active Dying Support and Post-Mortem Care: 

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